Stephanie and Chip

Stephanie & Chip Burgard: Lakewood – Dallas, TX

Question: How has your experience with Pinot’s Palette gone so far?
Answer: The team down in Houston is great, always available to bounce ideas off of, coming up with new great marketing ideas, keeping me up to date with the new trends, and Pinot Admin proving that I wouldn’t want to run this business without this software.

Question: Speaking of Pinot Admin, tell us a little more about it?
Answer: Pinot Admin is the back end software that helps you run the business. No spreadsheets, no downloading transactions, it is all done automatically and at a blink of an eye. You want to see how your marketing campaign is going, done, you want to run analytics on how your paintings are doing, done, you want to find someone’s reservations, done. It gets you out from behind the computer and out in your community growing your business. I can check up on my business on my phone anytime I want and with all the new features for free, it couldn’t be any better. (If it can be, these guys will figure it out)
Feedback: That is great to hear, we find it an essential tool in being able to run this caliber of business exceptional.

Question: What do you think of the flexibility of the painting library?
Answer: Amazing, it is a collaborative environment where I can create paintings that are relevant to my market while also being able to use painting from the entire system. There are tons of fantastic paintings being added every month, and they just keep getting better!

Question: Is there anything else you think a new candidate should know?
Answer: Move quicker, I did tons of research and ran the numbers and talked to advisors etc…, and at the end of all of that it came down to “Do I believe in the Pinot’s Palette team?” and “Do I believe in myself?” The answer to the first one was easy, the second is up to you.