Does Pinot’s Palette provide marketing support and materials?

Absolutely! We provide our franchise system with an incredible number of marketing resources, plus ongoing support. Here are just a few examples:

  • Email marketing platform that simplifies subscriber management and supplies ready-made email templates.
  • Detailed audience segmentation guides for each studio’s current and potential customers, along with information on the best ways to market to each audience type.
  • Clear brand standards that allow franchisees and their vendors to build marketing assets that look and feel like the Pinot’s Palette brand.
  • Preferred digital advertising vendors who know our business, our audience and our brand standards.
  • Ongoing development of core programs and seasonal campaigns, including marketing assets and education on how to promote each program or campaign for best possible results.
  • A robust and ever-growing library of promotional and brand awareness assets, including long-form videos, short videos, high-quality photography and other images to use in social media, email marketing, blogging and other media.
  • Digital asset management system that allows every franchisee a quick and simple way to find, organize and download marketing assets; customize advertising templates; as well as share assets with their own vendors and partners. Using these assets saves you valuable time from creating your own, and helps us build a more consistent, more recognizable brand nationwide.
  • Access to industry-leading tools for digital location management on multiple directory websites and map applications, including Google, Apple, Facebook and Waze.
  • A large portion of boot camp covers marketing strategy and an overall how-to for marketing a unique business to a unique audience.
  • Bi-monthly video touchpoints with the marketing team, in addition to ongoing webinars and training videos throughout the year.