Why is technology an important part of my decision to open an art studio?

Pinot’s Palette technology elevates the customer experience to new heights, giving your painting studio a sustainable competitive advantage. The proprietary management software, PRMS, will help you manage the business day to day, meaning less time working on administrative tasks and more time devoted to strategically growing your business. Consider the following time-saving advantages:

  • Eliminate the need to track reservations through spreadsheets or other manual solutions
  • Spend marketing dollars more effectively through coupon, discount, and campaign tracking and management
  • Keep employees happy by giving them access to online tools, allowing artists to teach classes more smoothly and access their schedules remotely
  • Complete payroll with 2 clicks of your mouse from your couch
  • Maximize profits with preferred credit card rates and limitless merchant service options
  • Plan for future growth with easy to use business reporting tools and real time information
  • Inform your customers of their classes, birthday coupons and follow up information automatically
  • Reduce response time to customers in order to increase seats sold per class

With more advanced technology, your money, time, and customers experience is managed to perfection.