How long will it take to open a paint and wine franchise?

One of the benefits of being part of a franchise system is that so much of the “grunt work” is done for you. We know what roadblocks many small business owners face when trying to get their doors open, and we know how to circumvent those roadblocks. With a Pinot’s Palette franchise, you’ll receive a detailed, step-by-step roadmap customized for your business. Tasks on the roadmap include major milestones like hiring a contractor for build-out and planning a grand opening. They also include less obvious but important tasks, like setting up a Yelp account and obtaining a sales tax permit. Between signing day and opening day, you will stay busy with training and planning!

Having the roadmap means the timeline to your grand opening is more streamlined than the average business, and you will be more prepared to operate the studio than the average small business owner.

So how long does it take to open a paint and wine franchise with Pinot’s Palette? The answer varies depending on location, but a safe estimate is six months. Many studios take less time than that, and our record for opening a studio is just eight weeks!