As seen in Entrepreneur Magazine June 2012 Edition


5 Things Everyone Ought to Know

1. Have you experienced the Pinot’s Palette® evening out with friends, dates or co-workers yet?
  • Yes, words can’t describe how much fun we had!
  • No, but I’m intrigued by what I’m hearing about the “Paint and Sip” concept. Tell me more…

Pinot’s Palette® first opened for business on May 6, 2009, during challenging economic times, as an alternative entertaining night out option for girls’ night, date night and corporate events. As word of mouth spread, so did Pinot’s Palette®. Now our guests can enjoy their friends company, sip wine (or beverage of choice) and indulge in a socially-fueled and interactive painting experience led by a Pinot’s Palette® artist in one of our nationwide locations. At the end of the night, each guest takes home the painted canvas they’ve created that evening. The experience embodies our tagline, “Paint. Drink. Have Fun.”

2. Do people in your area enjoy wine and art?

  • Yes, of course!
  • No, but we’re currently hoping to relocate.

If you answered “yes,” we’re not surprised! Wine and art appreciation have been around forever – adding the Pinot’s Palette® entertainment factor and excellent customer service to what people already love is the secret that makes our night out so popular. If there are successful wine bars and art galleries in your community we can’t wait to hear from you.

3. Are you concerned about needing artistic ability to own a Pinot’s Palette®?

  • Yes, I have no artistic ability.
  • No, but I need to know how to hire artists.

You don’t need an ounce of artistic ability to own and operate a successful Pinot’s Palette® business, but you do need passion for the concept and creative, solution-oriented business ideas. The Pinot’s Palette® concept was founded by two business partners with backgrounds in IT, Engineering, Project Management and Business Consulting. Our existing franchisees have varied backgrounds, and we cherish this diversity. Of course, we train you how to find, hire and train your team of artists to deliver the signature Pinot’s Palette® customer service and entertainment.

4. Do you value ongoing support in Administration, Operations and Marketing?

  • Yes, this a key reason to franchise.
  • No, but I’d be interest to hear what kind of support I’d be missing.

Pinot’s Palette® offers support for your Grand Opening efforts as well as ongoing business challenges in three key success pillars – Administration, Operations and Marketing. Be sure to ask about our efficient and industry specific software suite. It helps with everything from automatic reservation management to tracking marketing efforts and everything in between.

5. How much will it cost me to open a Pinot’s Palette® this year?

  • $50,000
  • $100,000
  • $250,000

If you answered around $100,000, you’re right on the money. This estimated budget includes everything needed to open a Pinot’s Palette® including; our franchise fee of $25,000, retail build out, grand opening marketing, initial inventory, staff hiring and training and 3 month of operating capital.

Now that you know more about us, we’d love to know more about you! Fill out our online Inquiry Form or Application today to connect with the Pinot’s Palette® team.