Virtual Private Parties - How It Works

How To Book

Private events are booked by placing a refundable $150 deposit to secure your desired date and time (after availability is confirmed by the studio). If you're paying for the entire event then you deposit will be applied to the final invoiced amount.


If your guests are paying for themselves then your deposit will be refunded will be processed for refund 24 hrs after your event. Any seats not sold below the minimum required will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining deposit balance refunded to you.

A host may also elect to apply the deposit, partially or in full, to other party charges or individual seats as mutually agreed to with the host.

A private party may be canceled with deposit refunded, or rescheduled with full deposit applied, if cancelled at least 10 business days' notice (Monday-Friday) before the originally scheduled event date. Cancellations made within 10 business days will be provided a deposit comp good for the full deposit amount. The deposit comp will be good for 12-months.

What's Included

We provide you with all the supplies needed for a party, including our helpful artist(s) to host and guide your guests through the event. We include the following in each take home painting kit: canvas, three brushes, required paints and a mixing plate. Kits can be picked up at our studio; delivered to your home for a small fee if within 10 miles of the studio or mailed to your guests for an additional freight fee ($ TBD).

Private Party Room

We can also host an in-studio and virtual combination party if you wish. Some of your guests can participate in our in-studio party room while others can participate virtually. We simply send them a Zoom link and host the party using two instruction methodologies.

Art Supplies

Take home painting kits for your virtual events will include the following: Canvas, three brushes, paints, and a mixing plate. Aprons/easels /water cups can be purchased for an additional fee.

Professional Instruction

Our instructors are professional artists are well-trained in making the painting process simple and enjoyable for painters of all skill levels. Everyone gets step-by-step instructions at a comfortable pace.

Food And Drinks

You can bring whatever food and drinks you wish to our in-studio events. We do not offer a food/drink menu for in-studio or virtual events.

Event Details

Unless you've worked out other arrangements with us, your guests will be able to log into our Zoom sessions up to 30 minutes before your event starts. This gives guests time to log-in so your event starts on time. We can also offer to allow your Zoom session to extend up to 30 minutes after the painting session has concluded so your guests can mingle together on-line for a while after the event ends.

Painting Selection

Let us know what image selection you wish to use at least 14 days before your scheduled event so we can create a master image for your event. Selections made within 14 days of your event must be selected from images we currently have in our studios. Custom images can be created or an additional fee ($TBD)

You don't have to choose a painting in order to book an event, but the final selection must be confirmed with the studio at least two weeks before your event date.

Our painting library is huge for kids and adult images! If you need assistance choosing the right painting for your group, just get in touch with us. We've hosted quite a few events and can help you narrow it down.

Ready To Get Started?

We look forward to working with you to put together your next party! It's simple and easy so let's get started!

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