Redwood Fantasy

Thursday, July 26

5:30 - 7:30PM


per painter

The California Redwoods are monumental in size and beauty. Their fantastical grandeur has earned them a place among America's most well known National Parks, as well as the setting for numerous iconic sci-fi and fantasy films. Let this painting take you into the colorful, serene setting -- a Redwood Fantasy...

Grab a bite and head on in to paint with the kids, the family, a coworker or a date... So pretty and thought provoking is Redwood Forest. Get creative, who will you find in the redwood forest? Pinot awaits and the wine is chilled. New 10x30 Canvas. Home Decor Perfection. Customize path colors to match your home. Paint fun time idea: Grab those friends with kids that you haven't seen in a while and all come together. The kids paint together and the parents get to catch up!