Project Car - Paint Your Ride!

Saturday, November 18

7:00 - 10:00PM


per painter

Join us to paint your car. Send us a clear photo of your prized possession from it's most beautiful angle. We will use a special technique to transfer the image to canvas for you to paint.

Paint Your Ride! Adapted from our most popular selling class, "Project Pet". Whether you have a classic car; a motorcycle; a speedboat; an oldie but goodie...this class is for you... Paint YOUR ride or surprise a family member with a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind personalized gift!

Once you sign up for the painting, email us a high quality digital photo of your ride (one ride per canvas, please) and we will do the rest! Each photo will be transferred onto a 16”X20” canvas. Our talented artists will walk you through the steps to create your very own masterpiece!

Register here; then email ride photo to: by 11/11..simply include your name and the email address you registered your class seat(s) with...

Solo painters welcome or come with a group for a fun and memorable evening out. We also sell gift cards online, or register and bring a surprised guest.
All rides welcome: bikes, motorcycles, cars, scooters, boats, trikes, police cars, fire engines....even paint the CEO's car as a holiday gift! If it are good-to-go.

PHOTO DEADLINE 11/11 at that date this class will close for registration. Must send photos by 11/11, any photos sent after the photo deadline will not be printed and your reservation will be refunded. Once photos are submitted class can not be refunded.

Here are some photo tips for success:
a) 1 ride per person/per photo
b) Highest resolution possible
c) Ride is clear and in the foreground with no furniture, objects, grass, etc. blocking any cool line...
d) Ride is centered in the photo with no cropped off edges.
e) Our best advice is to take a photo of your ride with the best camera you have outside during the day
f) Remember, the better your photo is, the easier the painting process...but sure a nice photo from a camera phone is perfectly fine. We can even work from a scanned photo.

Watch a short video of how our sister class "Project Pet" works to give you an idea: https://www....0368779114265

Makes a great surprise gift!
Sorry No Discounts or special rates apply to this class. No refunds after photo submitted for printing.