Pop Art Selfie

Saturday, November 17

1:00 - 4:00PM


per painter

Paint a Pop Art style portrait of yourself! Once you sign up for the painting, email us a high quality digital selfie and we will do the rest. Each photo will be transferred onto a 16” x 20” canvas to serve as a guide during your class. Our talented artists will walk you through the steps to create your very own Pop Art Selfie!

Selfies have become the new art form of the 21st century, so why not come and Paint a Self Portrait, using one of your favorite selfie pics or a pic of that special someone else!

Pinot's Palette, the studio that brought you Project Pet, presents you with Pop Art Selfie! Paint yourself. Paint friend. Paint your Mom or Dad, Brother or sister. Paint your boss or delivery man. Paint whomever you please! Great for birthday parties, corporate events, girls night out, or just plain old fun.

Painting yourself has never been easier. Just send us a great picture of yourself or your subject. We transfer that image directly on to the canvas so you can paint over it. Zero artistic talent is needed to walk away with a beautiful painting.

Wednesday, October 31st