Painting it Forward

Star Gazers

Saturday, May 19

7:00 - 9:00PM


per painter

Only 3 SEATs available - register soon!

Few things in our existence as humans have inspired more wonder and mystery than those burning giants above us, the stars. Paint with us and create a beautiful ode to these cosmic enigmas.

This is a fundraiser for Chloe on her 13th birthday. She suffers from Post Traumatic Brain Injury Seizure Disorder. She's had over 70 episodes of anywhere from 3-90 minutes of being unconscious in the recent 6 months. Being at school and out in public has been a challenge for her because she can't feel the seizures are coming and may fall wherever she is.

Chloe has just been approved for a trained, medical alert dog that can detect when the seizures are coming so she can get down safely and stay with her until she wakes up. The family needs to raise $20,600 to make her dream come true. Both of Chloe's parents work for the Public Schools so they cannot afford this on their own. We are hosting this fundraiser to help Chloe regain some of her independence. Part of your reservation fee will be donated to benefit Chloe. Your help will be life changing. Thank you!

Painting It Forward:
A paint and sip class with an extra dose of heart and soul. When you buy a seat in a Painting It Forward class, you're making a donation to a nonprofit or community fundraiser.