Painting it Forward

Elegant Autumn

Friday, January 26

2:00 - 4:00PM


per painter

Adorn your walls with the elegance of autumn!

COME TO OUR CARY NEWCOMERS FUNDRAISER - A painting party to benefit Polka Dot Mama Melanoma Foundation. Invite friends and let your creative juices flow from your paintbrushes with the help of expert guides at Pinot's Palette. Dessert will be provided and a cash bar is available! Painting will start at 2 pm.

(NOTE: This picture is the unanimous choice of the Charity Committee. If you prefer different colors, however, you can customize your painting any way you like.)

For each person who participates, Pinot's Palette will donate up to $15 to our Charity. The amount of the donation is dependent on the number of participants so gather your friends and let's have some fun on Friday afternoon, January 19!

Painting It Forward:
A paint and sip class with an extra dose of heart and soul. When you buy a seat in a Painting It Forward class, you're making a donation to a nonprofit or community fundraiser.