Drip Drop Dreams

Wednesday, May 16

6:30 - 8:30PM


per painter

A river of dreams flows from this sparkling, crescent moon.

This class will be about everything in regards to PREPARING FOR THE NEW MOON, grounding, connecting, protecting your space, cutting your cords and expressing your highest self in Painting.

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What to Expect!
1. I will cleanse everyone’s hands with a Special made Cleansing Spray (Available for Purchase).
2. I will ask for 4 volunteers to ignite Earth, Fire, Water and Air followed by a Mantra.
3. I will guide everyone through a Meditation to Ground with Pachamama (Mother Earth), Connect with Source/God/Universal Energy, followed by a Guided Healing Meditation, Cleansing and Cutting the Cords.
4. You will be lead and instructed on how to paint the New Moon.
5. During your Painting lesson I will discuss healing, grounding, connecting, manifesting, protecting your space, cleansing/using crystals and cutting your cords.
6. I will have Bay Leaves available for Manifesting.
7. I will give everyone a piece of parchment paper to write down what they’re manifesting or desires for a New Moon.
8. For the New Moon you can step out to read your desires to the Moon.
9. Open Discussion/Questions about Source or Personal Experiences.