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Frequent Questions

For location specific questions, navigate to the desired location and find the "FAQs" menu item.
Click on the question below to reveal the answer.

Q) How do I sign up for a class?

Its as easy as clicking on "Locations" at the top of the screen, select your location, and click the "Classes" link to the left. This will display the calendar for that location. Select which painting you would like to paint and click "Sign Up For This Class." Follow the on-screen directions to complete the order. Contact us if you have trouble completing your order and we will walk you through the process.

Q) The website looks different, how do I get to the Montrose calendar?

We have updated the look of our website, we hope you like it. Getting to the Montrose location calendar is easy as clicking the "Locations"” button at the top of the screen. Select the location "Montrose". And finally clicking the "classes" tab to the left will bring you to the calendar.

Q) Where are you looking to franchise next?

We have a growth plan and analysis developed that allows us to know where we want to have a franchise, the hard part is finding the right people to run the new studio. Would you be interested? Send us an email at

Q) Will you donate to our cause?

Pinot’s Palette takes pride in helping the community with as much as we can. If your event would like to have Pinot’s Palette donate, please contact us at and someone will be able to help you.