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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So what makes Pinot's Palette the premier paint and sip experience?  What distinguishes us from others and makes us truly stand out? 

I can point to quite a few things that make a Pinot's Palette experience feel upscale, fun, and truly special.  These are things that make you feel like you made a good choice, had a good time, "got your money's worth," or however else you want to put it.  These are things you can count on finding at EVERY Pinot's Palette you visit, because they are part of the Pinot's Palette culture and brand.

  • Real wine glasses to drink from
  • Ice to chill your drinks
  • Plenty of counter space to spread out your snacks and food
  • Corkscrews and bottle openers at the ready
  • Free bottled water
  • Napkins, plates and utensils so you don't have to bring them
  • A clean, neat and organized studio
  • A place to store your valuables away from the paint
  • Comfortable seating
  • Bright, adequate, non-fluorescent lighting so you can see what you're painting
  • An instructor who is not only a qualified artist, but friendly, fun and entertaining, too!
  • Plenty of room to move around, socialize, or even dance if the mood strikes you
  • An audio/sound system that controls the volume of the music and the artist's microphone so everyone can hear the music and the instructions when they are supposed to

We believe these are all wonderful things that set us apart.  But there is one thing that we work very hard at that truly makes Pinot's Palette a special place to visit.  It's our extraordinary customer service!  That's something we strive for each and every time you visit us. 

We take our tag line very seriously and we are always working to make sure that you will PAINT. DRINK. HAVE FUN.

Have you signed up for our mailing list?  We are so looking forward to our Grand Opening!  Send us an email today at so we can add you to our mailing list.  We want to make sure you get all the news on our progress toward opening the newest Houston area location of Pinot's Palette in Kingwood. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

A little wine/me/girlfriend time

It is so important to have time to relax and enjoy a little time for yourself!  For many of us that may include a glass of wine,  maybe some time with friends or time to socialize without having to plan, prepare and clean up!

One of the best surprises about our "pop-up" events, has been the many women who have come to paint and sip on their own.  What a great way to get out of the house and De-stress.  A little wine, great music, painting and meeting fun people.

Many of our painters haven't picked up a paintbrush for fun since they were children. All are amazed that they can create a "masterpiece" in a couple of hours. 

Each painting class/party takes on a fun personality of its own.  Whether you come with a friend, a group, or on your own it's a great "me time" experience.  I'll warn you in advance, just once won't be enough.  Once you have experienced the Pinot's Palette fun, you will want to come back soon!  Just ask our VIP- Val, she has painted 13 times with us since June and still counting.


Monday, August 24, 2015

5 Tips for Creating Amazing Party Invitations

You’re planning the party of the year but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on store-bought invitations. You’ve considered making your own invites, but you’re worried they won’t have the appeal you need.

Whether you’re throwing a big birthday bash, a children’s get-together, or a girls night in, these 5 tips will help you create amazing, memorable invitations for any party.

1.    Include Photos

Using a photo in your invitations adds a personal touch while also setting the tone for your party. Consider using baby photos for birthday parties, photo collages for work parties, engagement photos for wedding invites, etc. While close-up photos tend to work best for invitations, be sure to double check the proof before sending them to print. Lastly, be creative with the color palette by filtering your photos with black-and-white, sepia, and more.

2.    Be Humorous

You don’t want your invitations to come across as stuffy—who wants to go to a stuffy party? Set the stage of your fun party (you do want it to be fun, right?) by sending out fun, humorous invitations. Spice up your invites and encourage people to RSVP with a hint of humor. By including a catchy tag line or a funny statement, people will be more inclined to respond (and they’ll be more excited to attend).

3.    Include Adequate Information

In order to send out effective invitations, you must include all of the correct information, such as:

  • Announcement of event or occasion
  • Name of the person/s being celebrated
  • The date
  • The time
  • The location

Remember to include any additional information your guests will need to know, like whether to bring beverages, food, chair, gifts, no gifts, etc. If you’re party has a dress code or costume requirement, list that as well. In the end, your invitation should answer all of your guests’ questions, without them having to contact you for additional information.

4.    Set the Theme

Your invitations are going to set the tone, theme and expectation for your party. Have fun creating your invites by matching the font, color and graphics with the theme of your party. For example, if you’re having a bridal shower, consider attaching bits of lace and using elegant fonts. If you’re celebrating your child’s birthday at the zoo, use monkey and giraffe motifs. This gives guests an idea of what to expect when they arrive at your party.

5.    Double Check Before Sending

The last thing you want is for guests to be confused by your invitation. Check and re-check all of the details before printing and sending out your invitations. Ensure that all of your information is spelled correctly and is written in a manner that guests will understand. Be sure your theme is apparent through photos, text and colors, and double check to make sure you’ve included an enticing RSVP request.

By following these five steps, you’ll have an invitation you can be proud of. Without spending a lot of money, your invitations will look memorable, creative and professional, and you can get on to the more enjoyable aspects of party planning. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Angela Morgan is a mixed media artist working and living in the Chicago area.   She has been instructing at Pinot's Palette since we opened in December of 2013.  She has contributed several paintings to the Pinot's Palette national library.  Her latest painting, Falling Blossoms, will debut on September 17th at 7:00 p.m.

She grew up in Tennessee and studied at the University of Memphis where she received her BFA in Studio Art.  She remained in Memphis, TN until August 2013 when she and her husband  Wesley Morgan moved to Illinois in order to explore the creative possibilities of the greater Chicago area.  Her most recent work consists of contemporary portraits as well as large scale tapestry like pieces.  These works are made from a variety of materials including wood, wallpaper, fabric and acrylic paint.  These works have been shown in  “The Next Wave Art Salon 2013” in Elgin, IL,  “It’s All Relative” a solo exhibition in Memphis, TN and “Contemporary Portraits” at Water Street Studio in Batavia, IL.

Come paint with us and enjoy one of Angela's classes where you will be lead step by step through the painting of the night!

Please contact our studio at 331-457-5440 or email us at  Don't forget to follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and PinterestFor details, visit or  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dinner and a Movie- Not again!

There are so many wonderful restaurants in Northern VA and movie theaters have really upped their game with lounge seating and more, but...

In our area a nice dinner with wine and a movie can be very pricey.  I'm not saying it isn't a great date night, I'm just suggesting that we get a little creative once a month or so?

Pinot's Palette-Dulles offers a fun and creative alternative to the traditional northern VA date night.  PAINT. DRINK. HAVE FUN.  At the end of the night you will have a Masterpiece and a shared memorable and fun experience!  

You may not be the next Rembrandt, but you will have fun painting and sipping with your sweetheart!

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