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James Hughes and his wife, Jennifer, painting at home

AARP in Phoenix has held a total of 7 painting parties here at Pinot's Palette-Paradise Valley.  For one of those classes AARP Senior Operations Manager, James Hughes, was asked if he could fill in and host an AARP Phoenix Enterprise Community painting event.  What James didn't know was that filling in would actually become a life changing event for him.  AARP posted James' story in March as part of their Life Reimagined series.  

Here are some excerpts from the story:

"The event, Take Your Brush to Canvas, is part of a series offered to members in efforts to “go local” in communities, providing a unique member experience specifically targeting the 50 to 64 age demographic. During the two-hour session, held at the Phoenix art space Pinot's Palette, a local artist teaches the fundamentals of acrylic painting and all participants paint their own version of the same picture. “I was amazed because the teacher told you exactly what to do, and as the class progressed, I could see that everyone had their own interpretation of the picture, so it made Jennifer and I feel less nervous and freer to create our own versions,” said James.

Jennifer (James' wife) said they were hooked by the end of the session. “We looked at our finished pictures and immediately began to explore real possibilities for continuing our painting beyond the event because we found the experience so enjoyable.”...

They soon purchased painting supplies, easels, tarps and aprons, and began painting together on weekends and sometimes in the evening after work. James says he and Jennifer paint from pictures they’ve taken on their phones or find online or in print, like a desert landscape, an ocean scene or mountains. “Sometimes we even pick a painting that we have envisioned in our mind,” James said. “I’m now thinking about painting Abraham Lincoln—something I would never have dreamed of doing just a few months ago.” 

Reflecting back on their Life Reimagined moment, Jennifer says it came as a total surprise. “Painting has changed our lives. We never thought attending that event would bring something new and enjoyable into our relationship. We now have a creative hobby we share together and we are both enriched by it.”

Click here to check out the full story.  

Curious if you have a hidden talent?  Come paint us and find out!

Pinot's Palette is the perfect canvas for creative birthday parties for kids ages 7 to 99! Take a look at this 7 year old birthday that was celebrated over the weekend. This hosting mom put the art in pARTy with a few creative ideas of her own! Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas and photography.

Pinot's Palette - The Glen offers kids "Little Brushes" painting party birthdays starting before 3pm on Thurs. - Sat. with evening times available Sun. – Wed. Reserve your event date early, bookings are based on room availability. Includes:

  • 2 hours of painting & fun guided by our talented team.
  • 30 set up time before the event and 30 minutes of post-party for goodbyes/pick-up.
  • 15 minute break during painting time – perfect for cake or opening gifts.
  • A full sized 16” x 20” canvas for each guest to paint.
  • Music, awesome kids paintings to pick from, great location at The Glen Town Center, and more...

To learn more about kids parties click here or email us.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Pinot's Palette Webster Groves Super Mom

This Mother’s Day have a blast! Treat your Supermom to adventures at Pinot’s Palette Webster Groves. Brag about her for a chance to win two free seats to Pinot's Palette!

Step 1: Upload a picture of your mom to your Facebook page.

Step 2: Tag your mom and Pinot’s Palette Webster Groves (@PinotsPaletteWebster)

Step 3: Using only 5 words, tell us why your mom is awesome!

Winners will be chosen at random and contacted on Friday, May 8th. By uploading your picture and tagging Pinot’s Palette, you grant Pinot’s Palette permission to use your image for future commercial use. Once the image is tagged you will be entered into the drawing. Winner will receive two free seats to any two hour public class.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bachelorette parties have become pretty predictable and unimaginative in recent years. If you are looking to throw a unique and memorable bachelorette party that doesn't have anything to do with strippers and jello shots, you have come to the right place. The key to a successful bachelorette party is spending quality time with your close group of friends and making the bride feel special.

Here are a few bachelorette party ideas that might work for you:

Spa Getaway

Why not all chip in together and go to a weekend spa resort to help celebrate the upcoming nuptials for your great friend? Pampering and relaxation is just what you need before the wedding quickly approaches. This will help the soon-to-be bride relax and allow you to all have some beauty-related fun for a weekend away.

Rodeo Fun

Themed bachelorette parties are always loads of fun and a cool way to celebrate a wedding. A rodeo night will allow you to dress up in your cutest western wear and act like foolish cowgirls for a night. You can go to some western bars and party, but it won’t be so predictable because you will be in fun getup. Country western bars with line dancing will give you some laughs and much needed bonding time.

Elegant Party

If the bride is a bit more refined than most, you might decide to throw a tea instead of a traditional party. A tea can be held in your home and allow for a cozy get together that is formal, but also welcoming. You can all dress up in classic dresses and long gloves to make the theme really work. This is perfect for a small group of friends that want to chat and relax instead of rage and party.

Rough It

If you and the bride-to-be are wilderness gals, you might opt for a camping trip. You can spend a few nights in the refreshing outdoors and become one with nature. Sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows and telling stories will help you relax and bond before the big day. You can even spend the days hiking and taking pictures of the breathtakingly beautiful outdoors.

These different ways to spend the last few days of being single are very different from the norm. If your friends are not traditional or typical, these activities might be perfect for the bachelorette party that you need to host. 

Or have a painting party!  Here's some info about our private parties.

Friday, March 13, 2015
Open Studio at Pinot's Palette

Here at Pinot's Palette we normally offer sessions where people walk through a large 16" x 20" painting step by step with the guide of a local artist in 2 or 3 hours. But what if you don't have 2 o 3 hours? What if you don't want to come at the specified class time? What if you are off of work for the day, or the kids are out of school and you just want a fun painting that can be completed in about an hour?

We have an answer for that! Pinot's Palette Webster Groves offers Open Studio classes where we give you all the supplies along with self-guided instructions to complete your own 10" x 10" mini painting! There will always be a local artist here to help you along should you get stuck, but these paintings are fun for children and adults! Best of all, they are only $20 a piece! 

Open Studio sessions are available any time! Please give us a call at 314-736-6403 to give us the heads up you are coming first. And of course, don't forget to bring a bottle of wine!

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