What is a Pinot’s Palette?

What is a Pinot’s Palette? Being that our concept and name are new to the East Coast, here are some answers to the many questions that we have received over the past few weeks:

- We are not a BYOB. We have an awesome wine/beer and spirits bar.
- We are not pottery painting. We paint on 16”x20” canvases using Acrylic paints.
- We are not a paint by numbers. Our artists guides you through the steps in which to create the featured painting. They offer suggestions to help you reach the destination. You are free to go off-road and paint what you like. Only as long as you have fun doing it.
- We are Not a class. This is entertainment! You are free to get up anytime, drink, eat and have fun.
- Yes, you can bring in food. NO DRINKS.
- You must reserve a seat to a scheduled painting class. Walk-ins are allowed depending upon availability.
- You specify your seating preference. No first-come first seated type deal here. All upscale.
- A 2-hour painting costs $35 per person. A three-hour painting cost $45 per person. Bar items are extra.
- Classes Start and End exactly on time! So arrive early and prepare to be finished on time. Our staff has to clean up and prep for the next class.
- Yes, kids are welcome. There are featured Family days and kid’s paintings. you can have private birthday parties as well. Minimum head count is 15.
- Yes you can have corporate team build here. These are hugely successful.
- No kids allowed in the evening public classes. No excuses since this is an adult evening out. Not appropriate for folks under 18 for the evening classes.
- We are not a glass painting studio. However, our Bartenders and artists will paint empty wine bottles that you can purchase. They make great plant or candle holders or just coll decorations for your house.
- Yes, you get to take home your 16”x20” Masterpiece at the end of the session. This is yours and you will want to buy a frame and hang on your wall to show to all of your friends. A frame purchase is a must. They are inexpensive and look great.
- Yes this is a franchise, BUT, it is Locally Owned and operated by Jim and Lisa that are parents of two girls 7 and 8. The Franchise brings you the huge art library, the Local brings you the Upscale and personal environment. We are part of the Howard County community.
- This is Art for the masses, we do not teach art on a one-on-one basis or do portraits etc.
- Guys, this is your key to winning brownie points with your lady. Be warned, you will also have a great time. If not, you can hang out at the bar chatting with me. :)

- Jim

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