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Welcome to our Winner's Circle!

We just love to reward our customers and fans with great goodies...just because Life is Sweet and we know it!

Each week, we will post a list of winners of our various contests here at this blog, so check back often to see if and what you've won!

Name That Painting Contest: Congratulations to KELLY THOMPSON CUTLER!!

Kelly submitted the awesome name of "Gatsby's Gaze" for the painting below, which was inspired by the novel, The Great Gatsby (!!

Yay, Kelly!! Please call us to book your reservation for your two free art passes for the month of April or May!

Chandelier Guess Contest Winner: Congratulations MICHELE HAYGOOD who had the best guess as to how many "tentacles" are in our awesome Italian glass Chandy! Please call us to make your reservation for one (1) to an art session on April 16, 18 or 19th!!

Hot Hog Art Session Winner: For downloading our free iPhone app, LEAH RAMEY is the lucky winner of this art session scheduled for Friday April 18th! Congratulations! Please call us to make your reservation!

Funny Bunny Photo Caption Contest Winner - JEANNIE WATSON!!

Cool Cat Wine Caption Winner - March: MEGAN MATTSON!!

Painting Collage Puzzler Contest - March:   

Congratulations RYAN AKINS! Ryan assembled the puzzle collage below in 14m17s, using 120 pieces! Please contact us by April 1st to claim your free painting party for three (3)! THANK YOU to all of the contestants! We are thrilled that you took the time to play along with us and hope to see you in our studio very soon to paint and sip with us!

February Photo Caption Contest: Congratulations Kristi Eckelkamp Sutton! Please contact us to claim your free art session for one (1)!

How Much Do You REALLY LIKE US??!!

Enough to try to win a FREE PASS TO ALL OUR MAY ART SESSIONSThat's right, you could win a whole month of art sessions!

Always wonder what your odds of are winning a contest like this? Well we can tell you that we normally get less than 100 entries for any our contest, so 1/100 or less is not bad odds for such an awesome prize!!

All you have to do to enter our "Merry Month of May" contest is to get at least 30 of your Facebook friends to like our Facebook page.  If the Lucky Winner has 60 or more Likes, they will win this pass for two people instead of just one, so the more Likes you collect the better.

Here's what you do to get your friends to LIKE our Page:

  1. Go to our Facebook Page and click on "Invite Your Friends to Like This Page." {see 2nd & 3rd image in photo to the right}
  2. Click the "Invite" button next to each of your Facebook friends
  3. Check your "Notifications" to see how many of your friends have accepted your invitation, and once you have at least 30 accepts you can enter our contest.
  4. To enter the contest, private message us your name, email address, phone number and a screenshot picture from your phone or computer that shows how many of your friends accepted your invitation to like our Page and we'll enter you into the contest drawing! {see 1st image in photo to the right}
  5. Private message us if you need help or have any questions!
  6. Here's the link to our Facebook Page

Contest deadline is April 27th by midnight!

To whet your appetite for this fabulous contest prize, just click on the image below to view our Interactive and  Printable May Calendar. If you win this contest, you get to attend all of these sessions for FREE! Say "what?!" again!


Contest Terms & Conditions:

Free pass is not transferable to another  person and is only valid for the month of May 2014; not valid in combination with other discounts, for private parties or for sold out or cancelled sessions. Winner must make reservation at least 5 days before each art session.


If you're not interested in the contest but want to Like our Page anyway, did you know that you and your friends can Like our Face Book Page using a text message! Say what?!

Just text like PinotsPaletteLittleRock to 32665 and you will automatically LIKE our Page! Awesome, huh?! Be sure to spell our Facebook name correctly and leave a space between the word "like" and our name "PinotsPaletteLittleRock".

Good Luck and we hope you win a chance to come paint and sip with us!


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Sometimes it’s about what you don’t see.

An art and music lovers favorite, Pablo Picasso’s Old Guitarist painting is a fan favorite.  The blue tones are mesmerizing and provide a full range of emotions associated with the old man, who appears worn and homeless. Clinging to his guitar as it holds the only happiness and full matter of his life.  At least that’s one interpretation.

But what makes this painting particularly interesting, is what you don’t see – at first.  Many artists re-use their canvases but in this piece you can see the ghostly outlines of the previous painting. These faded images instigate further emotions to stir within the painting, whether this was intentional the world will never know.

Near the old man’s head, the vague curve of a woman’s neck can be seen when there is a cast of ethereal lighting.  The woman’s legs descend down through the shins of the man.

Using infrared and x-ray, experts were able to decipher what once was. There is actually a figure of a young woman, seated, looking towards the left with an outstretched arm to the right. 

The painting composes more interest knowing that a young Picasso had started out with a whole other image in mind. I ponder why he didn’t wash out the canvas with white before starting on a new piece.

As the blue period paints fade, this painting will transform.  Art really is a living medium.

Ever wondered if you had an inner artist hiding? Pinot’s Palette is celebrating guitar month April 9th  with musically inspired paintings, trained artists will walk you through step by step.   Then you have your own masterpiece to be mesmerized by.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The icy vice-grip that had a choke hold over the weather in Oklahoma is finally loosening its hold. We were definitely fortunate in comparison, to say, the northeastern part of the country. They collectively received fifty feet of snow during ONE STORM in February. So, we weren’t that bad off. But still, one can only spend so much time binge watching Netflix, right? Technically, the last date of frost in Oklahoma is April 15th {fingers crossed}. But for now….

SPRING! SPRING….spring!!!

We at Pinot’s Palette ask you to shed those winter blues with us! Our calendar is jam packed with spring inspired paintings that will brighten your home.

Feeling trendy? Then, check out 'Trendy Tulips' on April 10th! This bright, crisp combination of soft blues and bold pinks will transport you to a sunny flower field.

Trendy Tulips

Feeling bold? If that’s the case, then our Wine Down Wednesday, on April 23rd is for you! The featured painting that evening is ‘Wild Wine Night’. This is a vibrant, clear combination of bright colors, featuring our two favorite subjects: wine and something to pour it in! We will have some great wine specials at our bar this night as well!

Wild Wine Night

Want to escape and go for a gondola ride? Well, we can't supply the gondola but we can supply the tools to create this fun painting! 'Laundry in Venice' is a great painting to inspire the traveler in you. Join us on May 3rd and we promise not to air your dirty laundry.

Laundry in Venice

There is something for everyone here at Pinot's Palette! Check out our calendar and join us today!

April Showers Bring Fine Art, Wine...and Great Books!

The rainy season is upon us and there's nothing like fine wine, good books and art to chase the dampness away while we wish and wait for summer!

With today's electronics and high tech toys, art, writing books and reading them have become more sought after and appreciated forms of creativity and entertainment--and all three at times can be intertwined sources of inspiration.

How many of you love to read and are members of book clubs or have been thinking about joining one? Ok, we see a few hands out, we have not been drinking!....we're just assuming that many of you... Ok, some of you...alright! or two of you raised your hands!

But you're probably wondering what books and reading have to do with art and wine which is what we do?! Well let us show you....

Book Club members are some of our most avid and fun customers because they've learned to allow their imagination and creativity to run free as they are reading, so that when they visit our studio they're excited at the possibility of a new source of inspiration and outlet for their adventurousness.

Summer is approaching and now's the perfect time be inspired and to connect with some friends to drop into our studio for a threesome....of art, wine and appreciation of great books!

Have you ever seen a piece of art that was so awe inspiring that it left you literally speechless...or to the contrary, it made you wish you had the words to adequately describe it to your friends or to write a poem or story about it?....OR

Have you ever read a book so juicy and interesting and incredibly well-written...and NO we don't mean "50 Shades of Grey"!... that you were able to see the images and people in your mind's eye as you were much so that you felt like you were being pulled inside the story and pages of the if you were in whatever country, setting or situation being described in that book?!

If the answer is "Yes" to one or both of the above scenarios...then congratulations!'re just the kind of person we love to see in our studio because you have the ability to see yourself in new settings and are open to exploring other interests, talents and fun things to do!

Trying something new is always inspiring and thrilling! We have hundreds of paintings in our library that have been created by some ultra-talented artists who get their inspiration from lots of different things and in various ways, including from books.

And although we don't always know what inspires authors of great books to write them, we'd like to think that art,wine and painting are among them.

We've found some really fascinating books that we want to share with you...because as we were reading them, we began to relate the stories in them to many of the paintings in our library. We were often surprised at the paintings that came to mind but....well...enough talking...take a peak at what we mean!

Check out these books and some of our art that we think also tells a wonderful story and provides hints to what each book is about to pique your interest!

We love National Public Radio (NPR), so most of the books we've chosen are from NPR's recommended reading list and of course many are New York Times best sellers.

Boy, Snow, Bird


Beautiful Ruins

Me Before You

The Motorcycle Diaries

Gone Girl

Life After Life

If you're curious to know why a particular painting came to mind as we were reading these books, visit our painting library to get a closer look at them....and while you're at it visit your local public library or book store to check out some of these really fascinating books...and on the way back...stop by our studio to paint and sip with us!

Here's just one of the many awesome libraries in our fair city: 

Pinot's Palette-Little Rock is the premier "Paint & Sip" art studio in the City. Hope to see you soon! 


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