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Intimidated by corporate team building activity ideas? Help your team “think outside the box” using painting activities to express their creativity. Painting as a group hits the most important aspects of team building. Grab your favorite bottle of wine, sit back and let the creative minds get to work.

1. Collaboration

Team projects make up the majority of the tasks given in the workplace today.  In order to have success, a collaborative team environment is essential. Make your corporate team building activity useful and enjoyable by using group painting assignments that will help tap into their creative spirit.

2. Communication

Expressing your artistic ideas to your team may be difficult. Working through these issues by using different channels of communication will demonstrate how you can push through difficult situations and appreciate your teams’ diversity.

3. Challenging

Part of corporate team building activities captures critical thinking. Natural creative talent is not a necessity during this project. This project will challenge you to express the small or large amount of creativeness your team possesses.

4. Fun Along The Way

Team building should be fun and somewhat relaxed. Spice up this painting activity by bringing some appetizers to share with the group and enjoying a bottle of wine from our impressive collection. This will make for a lively environment to create in.

5. Prideful Products

With the use of expert guidance your team will produce a masterpiece. The tangible canvas featuring your end product will be packed full of your teams collaborative work. Having something to take back to the office and show off makes this experience unforgettable.

Let us help make this experience one to remember! Visit our website at, call 936-321-2787 or email us at for pricing and availability.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

First dates can usually go in two directions, good… or not so good. Use this new opportunity to learn about your date and yourself to see if they are the right fit for you. There are many areas to consider when planning a first date. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself when planning a Wine & Canvas first date:

Is this date adventurous?

The dinner and a movie idea is very much outdated. A wine and canvas first date shows that some thought and creativity went into the planning. Look at this date as a mini adventure, maybe something that neither you nor your date has done before. Either way it will open up new conversation topics and create excitement building up to the date.

Is this a good environment for a first date?

Wine & Canvas dates create a very relaxed and comfortable setting. If you are worried about not being creative or good at painting, don’t be! The expert instructors are easy to follow and will help you create a masterpiece. The painting class setting is intimate enough to allow you to talk and get to know each other, however; having a third party instructor and an activity to do will break things up if the situation gets awkward. Did we mention there is wine? Help yourself to the wine selection while you are painting to relieve some tension from the situation.

Is there an escape plan?

Hopefully you will not need to take advantage of this escape plan, but there is one. Our classes are run on a schedule letting you determine how long you will be spending with your date. When the time is up you have the option of saying your goodbyes or moving on to your next adventure. This aspect will make you feel better if conversation is running dry and things are not going the way you planned.

Let us help you create this magical experience here at Pinot’s Palette-The Woodlands! Visit our website at, email or call us at (936)-321-ARTS(2787) to set up a class time.  

Paint. Drink. Have Fun.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This summer we had our first series of "Little Brushes" kids classes at the Prairie Village studio, and we are excited to develop this program for the future! We had two classes per week through July 17th, and each day featured a different painting that was colorful, vibrant and fun. These classes offer your little ones a fun and creative outlet outside of school where they can paint with friends and listen to music. Parents are always welcome to stay for the duration of the class and can even paint themselves if desired! We're planning on having a kids camp during the holiday season as well, where parents can drop of their kids so they can get some holiday shopping definitely keep an eye out for the holiday schedule! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Question: How was class last week? 

Answer: "It was fabulous!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something fun to do anytime! I'll be back for a Ladies night out or a kiddos b-day party!"

~Project Pet Customer

Art-bassadors Program

   -       A Loyalty Rewards Program for repeat customers

-      Each Art-bassador will receive a free t-shirt that we encourage them to wear in public at their leisure

-       Each will receive a personalized Discount BOGO Code to give to friends, family, colleagues and others

-       Will receive Pinot’s Palette souvenirs and brochures to handout as desired

-      When an Art-bassador achieves a certain number customer sign-ups using their BOGO code, they will receive free art sessions for a specific month.**

Terms & Conditions:

    -     Art-Bassadors are not eligible to participate in our various contest give-aways

    -    Free art sessions must be used in specified month; transfers to others not permitted

-        Art-bassadors cannot use the BOGO Code for themselves but are expected to actively share the code and recruit friends, family and others to use it;The discount code will be disabled if not used at least once per month.

-        Art-bassadors can begin to redeem for their free passes after they reach 10 sign-ups;

-       Once a set of sign-ups are redeemed, the “sign clock/counter” for that Art-bassador is reset meaning that redeemed sign-ups are not cumulative and will not be counted again

If An Art-bassador Redeems They Will Receive
10+  Sign-ups10  free art sessions
20+  Sign-ups20 free art sessions
30+ Sign-upsFree Month of art sessions
100+ Sign-Ups A Year of Free Art Sessions
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