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Monday, July 21, 2014

Question: How was class last week? 

Answer: "It was fabulous!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something fun to do anytime! I'll be back for a Ladies night out or a kiddos b-day party!"

~Project Pet Customer

Art-bassadors Program

   -       A Loyalty Rewards Program for repeat customers

-      Each Art-bassador will receive a free t-shirt that we encourage them to wear in public at their leisure

-       Each will receive a personalized Discount BOGO Code to give to friends, family, colleagues and others

-       Will receive Pinot’s Palette souvenirs and brochures to handout as desired

-      When an Art-bassador achieves a certain number customer sign-ups using their BOGO code, they will receive free art sessions for a specific month.**

Terms & Conditions:

    -     Art-Bassadors are not eligible to participate in our various contest give-aways

    -    Free art sessions must be used in specified month; transfers to others not permitted

-        Art-bassadors cannot use the BOGO Code for themselves but are expected to actively share the code and recruit friends, family and others to use it;The discount code will be disabled if not used at least once per month.

-        Art-bassadors can begin to redeem for their free passes after they reach 10 sign-ups;

-       Once a set of sign-ups are redeemed, the “sign clock/counter” for that Art-bassador is reset meaning that redeemed sign-ups are not cumulative and will not be counted again

If An Art-bassador Redeems They Will Receive
10+  Sign-ups10  free art sessions
20+  Sign-ups20 free art sessions
30+ Sign-upsFree Month of art sessions
100+ Sign-Ups A Year of Free Art Sessions
Thursday, July 03, 2014

Making the Most of Your Experience!

Whether or not a paint brush is a foreign object to you, or you are a seasoned pro, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your painting experience at Pinot's Palette!

1.  Dress comfortably.   We all want to dress to impress, and that is 100% okay. If our studio is your only stop for the night, you should come dressed in something you wouldn't mind getting paint on. We are a pretty relaxed environment, and we want you to be comfortable. However, if you are out on a date night and coming to one of our classes straight after dinner or before a night out, I would recommend bringing an oversized shirt to throw over your outfit. We provide everyone with one of our trendy smocks, which cover most of your body, but accidents do happen and we would hate for your nice outfit to become a canvas.

2.  Meet new people.  One of the coolest parts about our classes is that you never know who your Picasso-in-Crime might be. Our seating chart is put together randomly, unless specific instructions are provided. You and your friends will be sitting next to and across from someone that will be a stranger at first, but by the end of the class you'll be cutting up and toasting with each other. So, don't be shy! Walk around and look at the other painters' work. Introduce yourself and share a few laughs with someone new.

3.  Bring snacks.  Nothing goes better with painting and wine than food. You can bring small snacks or full-on meals up to our studio if you would like.  We've seen smorgasbords of food line our counters from places like Whole Foods or Central Market. A lot of people just bring a simple cheese and cracker plate. If you don't feel like bringing your own food, there are several businesses within walking distance of us to grab a quick bite before class. And, if you run out of wine, we've got you covered! We now offer a great selection of reds, whites and blends. Just ask one of your instructors for a wine menu!

4.  Let loose.  Everyone has a little bit of creativity flowin' through them. Just allow that to come out. I always like to tell our painters that if you can follow instructions, you can paint a painting. One of my favorite parts of teaching these classes is that everyone gets the same instruction, but no two paintings end up looking the same. We teach the paintings as the sample is shown online, but we also encourage the more art-inclined to go off in their own – and it's so awesome when they do.

5.  Have fun.  The music is turned up, rocking you out to classic songs to which you're sure to catch yourself singing along. Some people have been known to start dancing, even if it's just in their seat. You're going to have a fantastic time twirlin' brushes and swirlin' glasses with us. Our motto would not be "Paint. Drink. Have Fun" if that weren't true.

Thinking about doing team building for your team?  And you want to do something different and fun for you and your team?  But you want it to be beneficial for work as well?  Having a team building event or painting party has many benefits, not just an event that they will thank you for and rank as one of your best ideas.  

Check out Deborah Sweeney's Blog in the Huffington Post as she describes how art parties can benefit the workplace and boost business!

Can Wine and Paint Help Boost Business?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Pinot's Palette Relieves stress

Studies have shown there can be a direct connection between painting and a reduction of stress levels. Clinical art therapy is commonly used by therapists to encourage self-expression and improve communication between the therapist and a patient who is suffering from a severe mental health condition. Similar benefits can also be gained by individuals affected by anxiety or stress by expressing their creative side and developing painting skills.

There are many different ways to alleviate stress and not every method will work for every single person. Most individuals will need to try a few different methods to discover which one is the most beneficial to them personally.

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