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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Thank you MOMAHA for including us in this list!!   5 Dates Nights including Wine


Project Pet for DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue was a huge success!  

Everyone created fabulous paintings of some of their favorite pets, and had a great time.

Check out more amazing pet paintings on our Facebook page.

Our first joint event with Great Expectations and Buttons Restaurant in Fort Worth was a blast!  Lots of people turned out to paint their favorite sunset while mingling with other singles and enjoying fabulous food and beverages!  Can't wait to do this again!

Check out more fun photos on our Facebook page!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{artists' rendering of Taylor Gross}

Taylor Gross was born in Edmond, Oklahoma! Taylor spent a lot of time traveling the United States as a chef in various restaurants! When he landed back in Oklahoma City, he was employed for a while at a local restaurant, cooking delicious food. However, after working in the industry for a while, Taylor decided it was time for a change. He loved food, and working with fun, creative people, but didn't like coming home "smelling like sweaty french fries" night after night. He eventually came across an employment ad for Pinot's Palette. He wasn't sure what it was exactly, but after interviewing, knew it was a place he wanted to be!

When Taylor is not working at Pinot's Palette, he is busy creating a lot of his own art. He loves to "make weird art, like all day every day". He is a very prolific artist, creating funny, pop culture inspired pieces - specifically ones that his "friends will think are cool"! He is also father to the "most amazing daughter in history"! He and his wife recently took her to Disney Land! During basketball season, you can find Taylor glued to the tv, entranced by OKC Thunder games...and basketball in general!

There are a mountain of things to love about working for Pinot's Palette! But, when asked, his coworkers are Taylors' favorite aspect of the job. He's never worked at a place "where everyone is so generous and fun!" In addition to his lovely coworkers, he also enjoys giving people a fun experience while painting!

Here are five interesting facts about Taylor!

1. Taylor has visited The Louvre several times!

2. Taylor is a cancer survivor!

3. He lived in the Virgin Islands for a while! {I think we're all really jealous about this one}

4. He loves watching old movies, especially westerns!

5. He sings really loud in the shower! {A typical playlist includes: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and a little Willie Nelson}

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Hot Artist Leticia!

She came all the way from Miami to the great state of Texas when she was just a teenager.

Which led her to claim her alma matar as University of St.Thomas, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts concentration: Painting in 2011.

When not at Pinot's Palette, Lety works at Blue Willow estate sales, handling the staging, pricing, and specializing in vintage clothing and accessories.

Besides her fabulous love of vintage clothing (would love to see her closet) her favorite medium in art is painting and sculpture.Her main preferred medium to work in is Gouache, and Acrylic.

Projects Lety is currently working on: "I collect antique clothing, and I am constantly sourcing antiques to add to my collection. I have clothing from the 1860's all the way to 1960's. My collecting has a purpose though; I am working on setting up an online resale shop focusing on clothing from the early 1900's-1960's, and also selling antique reproduction clothing and shoes. It will be a long process, but I hope I can make it work in the next few years. Aside from that, I am always working on some painting!"

Busy Lady!

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